Tales of Stranger Boston

Day 1

Erasmus is struck and marked by dark magic.
He meets James MacFinn, information dealer, who escorts him to the Zodiac, where Jason and Henri are.
Tefera arrives and threatens to kill Erasmus for his participation in an issue about her ‘daughter’.
Eva Larchmont arrives and tells Tefera that Oliver Warburton has been found, dead. Tefera leaves.
Alan Zed gives advice to Erasmus.
Erasmus wants to avoid dying, so goes to investigate Warburton with the aid of Henri.
At the police station, the pair finds Officer Ma, who tells them of Warburton’s death by a sort of dehydration.
They are directed to monster hunter Jeremiah Blakely, who tells them about the monster in the Back Bay Fens being the suspect for the murder.
Calling Alan Zed, Erasmus finds that it would be dangerous to travel for at most another twelve hours, if he is lucky.
The pair travel to Back Bay Fens in the nighttime and stumble upon will-o’-the-wisp Parker, and being trapped, are saved by Evan MontBlanc.
The man drives the pair back to the Zodiac.



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