Tales of Stranger Boston

Day 2

Henri catches hypothermia and returns home.
Erasmus tries to enter the Zodiac.
Jason ‘decks’ Erasmus and locks him out.
The Winter Court sidhe Sioc Dubh lurks and tells Erasmus to find shelter, which he does by returning to the MIT tunnels and his abode, getting warmth and sleep.
The next morning, Jason awakes to police sirens.
He finds the glass from the Zodiac door removed, a pile of sand, a black iron spear embedded in the tiger painting, and a note containing the message “I’m back. Expect me.”
Office Ma has no leads, and Jason goes to find MacFinn, who shows up.
Knowledge of the Cult of the Spear reveals that it is a cultish gang, with the symbol of a snake wrapped around a spear, that is building its numbers, not expanding, based around a warehouse in the Leather District next to Chinatown.
Jason tries to rally support for a retaliatory strike from the Chinese Guards.



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