Tales of Stranger Boston

The First Post

This is the first post, made by the GM

This post is to state the following for posterity:

~Harry Dresden does not exist in this universe. Say perhaps that he and Justin DuMorne died in the same fire, along with fellow apprentice Elaine Mallory. The vampire war has yet to occur.
~The game will start on the autumnal equinox, September twenty-second in 2004.
~The game shall take place primarily over Skype, though potentially we could meet for a session in person during some vacation at some point.
~This game is intended to be as realistic as possible, so:

  • NPCs are characters as real as PCs or players and should be treated as such.
  • Actions will have appropriate consequences.
  • There are no alignments; please play a consistent character, but your actions will never be
    defined as good or evil.
  • Life goes on: People age, change, are born and die. The world does not stop for you.
  • On which subject, anyone can die. This will not ever occur without an agreement between the
    player and GM, but be aware that characters cannot be revived (this might not stop some
    characters from trying). A PC death will result in the player taking over another character
    in the city (with the GM’s approval) who can be either a newcomer or an existing character.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the game.




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