Tefera is one of the new generation of dragons. Her age is unknown, as are the whereabouts of anyone foolish enough to ask it. She was once a major facet of the supernatural community, as a protector of her demesne, but became reclusive five years ago. She is seen periodically around the city, but these instances are rare and she never remains out for long. Known as ‘Tefera Jones,’ or just ‘Jones,’ to the non-supernatural community when she allows them to notice her at all.

Angry with Henri Ducard for reasons unknown relating to her ‘daughter’ being missing.

Vital stats:

Sex: Female
Race: Appears western european, actually a voivre (french wyvern)
Age: Appears around 25. Never ask a woman her age. Especially if she’s a dragon.
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 117 lbs
Hair: Brown, short bob
Clothing: If you see her, she’ll pretty much always be wearing bib overalls or a smock.
Distinctive Characteristics: If you go for the artsy, cheerful, slightly crazy types, she’ll turn heads. Otherwise the paint spatter that seems to cover her at all times is generally a turn-off. Also has striking, almost glowing green eyes.


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